Strawberry Festival in the Załuski Municipality
The Załuski and Czerwińsk by the Vistula river municipalities form a “strawberry land” whose limits extend beyond the area of the “Friendly Mazovia” Local Action Group. Every year after the harvest, a “Strawberry Festival” is organized to highlight the pivotal […]
Municipal and Parish Harvest Festival in the Dzierzążnia Municipality
Harvest festival also known as festival of the crops is one of the oldest traditions that harks back to pagan times when fertility rituals were performed and nowadays are still supported by local communities. It is a folk celebration that […]
Harvest Festival in the Płońsk Municipality
The harvest festival in the municipality of Płońsk is one of the largest events in the area covered by the “Friendly Mazovia” Local Action Group. It brings together several thousand participants who are not just the municipality inhabitants, but also […]
Summer Solstice Night Kayaking on the Wkra River
River Wkra is the right tributary of the Narew river and it joins the later near the town of NowyDwór Mazowiecki, right before the Narew drains into the Vistula river. It runs through the historical Mazovia area and its upper […]
Brass Instruments Music in Sochocin
Music reverberates at the municipality of Sochocin thanks to the Sochocin Brass Orchestra that has performed there since May of 1997. The ensemble was created upon the initiative of the Sochocin municipal government who equipped the orchestra with instruments and […]
The Open Day of the Płońsk Forest District: “The Blooming Gardens” and “The Blooming Gardens Run”
“The Blooming Gardens” is the name given to The Open Day of the Płońsk Forest District. This event has been happening for the past 9 years and always takes place at the forest nursery in Kuchary Leśne. Every year it […]
Bird Holidays at “Little Biebrza”
According to the owners of a family tourism farm “Sielanka Raciąż”, “Little Biebrza” is one of the most amazing places in terms of bird numbers and diversity in the Mazovian province. “Little Biebrza” forms part of the Nature and Landscape […]
The Family Fest in Krysk
The Family Fest in Krysk is an affair with a 10 year tradition. It is a permanent feature in the calendar of activities sponsored by the “Friendly Mazovia” Local Action Group. The fest has been growing in importance beyond the […]

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