The Fair of Raciąż and the Town and Municipal Parish Harvest Festival
Since 2013 in the center of Raciąż located in the Płońsk county, there has been a special event taking place at the Adam Mickiewicz square. It is the largest cultural and commercial happening in that area and is called the […]
Nowe Miasto Fair: From Past to Present
For the past eight years, the municipality of Nowe Miasto has organized a summer, open air, event called “The Nowe Miasto Town Fair: From Past to Present”. The backdrop for the fair is the beautiful Bay of Nowe Miasto and […]
Arcelin Charge of 1920
The charge of the First Light Cavalry Regiment of Józef Piłsudski took place on August 17, 1920 at Arcelin, during the Battle of Warsaw. The attack made history during the Polish-Bolshevik War of 1920. The First Light Cavalry Regiment was […]
Anniversary Celebrations of the Battle at Wkra River and Family Fest in Joniec
For the past few years at the municipality of Joniec, there has been a celebration and a family fest held to commemorate the Battle at Wkra River. The battle took place from August 14 to 16, 1920 as part of […]
The Jagiełło Bridge: Czerwińsk Encounters with History and Medieval Culture
There is an event in Czerwińsk by the Vistula river that has taken place since 2018. It is called “The Jagiełło Bridge: Czerwińsk Encounters with History and Medieval Culture”. During two weekends in June, the Vistula river community known mainly […]
The Vistula River Rosary in Czerwińsk
The Vistula River Rosary is a unique event that bonds together fans of relaxation on the water with the followers of the Virgin Mary of Consolation from the Salesian sanctuary in Czerwińsk by the Vistula river. This recreational and religious […]
Pilgrimage of Fans of Boating from Czerwińsk Hill to Tumskie Hill
For the past two years, there has been a unique pilgrimage that takes place on the Vistula river. The inspiration for this event came from the, so called, Vistula Rosaries: short river passages in the summer months from nearby villages […]
The Mystery of Lord’s Passion in Czerwińsk by the Vistula River
One of the most renowned Polish Passion Plays is the Mystery of Lord’s Passion that takes place at the Salesian monastery in Czerwińsk by the Vistula river. The author of the play is a Salesian, father Franciszek Harazin, PhD (1885-1941) […]

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