The Fair of Raciąż and the Town and Municipal Parish Harvest Festival

Since 2013 in the center of Raciąż located in the Płońsk county, there has been a special event taking place at the Adam Mickiewicz square. It is the largest cultural and commercial happening in that area and is called the Fair of Raciąż. The event harks back to the past, highlighting the fact that since the XIIIth century Raciąż was associated with fairs and trade. For two days, the old, main town square, which used to be a market place, returns to its previous identity and is filled with stands displaying goods and crafts.

The offerings include crafts, artistic wares, culinary products such as honey, alcohol infusions, traditional bakery and drinks, cold cuts and sausages, organic food, herbs, as well as metalwork, woodwork, glassware, wicker products, embroidery, old knick knacks, sculpture and plants. Naturally, regional food is offered for tasting. The majority of stalls are arranged and staffed by residents of the Raciąż municipality and the Płońsk county. The participants include members of the circle of female village homemakers, circle of retirees, association of local producers, farmers and artists. For the first time this year, a contest was held in which the residents of Raciąż selected the best stall.

Commerce is not the only activity that takes place during the two day fair. The program is much broader and includes many concerts with performers from abroad, street performances, ludic theatre, presentations of bygone professions, painting workshops, animations and contests. There are also other forms of recreation such as horse rides and target shooting for the interested.

Additionally, for the past two years the fair is combined with the Town and Municipal Parish Harvest Festival. The official opening is followed by presentations of traditional harvest wreaths and regional products. There are performances given by local organizations and ensembles which include presentations of harvest customs, traditional folk songs and dances. One common element of both the fair and the harvest festival is a contest between the parishes of the Raciąż municipality. The participants compete in sawing wooden logs, throwing straw cubes and cow milking.

Naturally, the presence of many food stalls means that nobody leaves the fair and harvest celebrations with an empty stomach.

Location: Raciąż
Date: 14-15 August (subject to change)
Organizers: Town Center for Culture, Sport and Recreation, Town of Raciąż, Municipality of Raciąż
Contact: Town Center for Culture, Sport and Recreation, Raciąż, ph. 23 679 1078, ,email:

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