Artistic Ceramics of the Olejarz Family
According to the Olejarz family artists, ceramics manufacturing in Poland is beginning to develop with more vigor. It is rather a hobby than a profession, because authentic art still loses ground in Polish homes when compared to cheaper, mass production […]
Wooden Goods by Jerzy Smoliński
Wooden goods are functional, decorative and artistic objects made of wood. They are handmade from natural raw materials with carpentry tools and equipment. Wood is a great material utilized in finishes and construction. For ages it has been exploited in […]
Natural Soaps from “Sielanka Raciąż”
Historically, first soaps were made of animal fat combined with charcoal which produced a highly alkaline reaction. Nowadays animal fat is substituted for plant oils and charcoal is replaced by sodium hydroxide. When making soap in a “cold fashion” all […]
Artistic and Utility Items Created by Marek Kozłowski Using Pyrography
The term “pyrography” comes from Greek and literally means “writing with fire”. On a daily basis, it is employed to describe a decorating technique where fire is applied to burn marks on wood or other materials. Pyrography may be regarded […]
Christmas and Other Decorations of Ms. Monika Wasiak
This is what Ms. Monika Wasiak, resident of Raciąż and the creator of unusual Christmas decorations, has to say about her work: “I remember when my grandfather would weave wicker baskets and make brooms from common broom and birch. He […]
Crocheting Needle Crafts by Danuta Kantorowska
The family of Danuta Kantorowska has been cultivating the tradition of needlework for generations. Her father’s relatives come from the vicinity of Łowicz and Skierniewice, known for living traditions of folk art and craft. In 1922 part of the family […]
Dolls of Ms. Maria Kowalska
Three years after retiring, Ms. Maria Kowalska, who lives in a village of Proboszczewice, scattered in the fields in the Joniec municipality, started looking for ways of fruitfully spending her time while supplementing her retirement. “What can one do in […]
Button manufacturing in Sochocin used to be a remarkable craft that flourished in the area now supported by the “Friendly Mazovia” Local Action Group. As it happens with many other trades, it had to give way to more cost effective […]

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