Local Action Group – Friendly Mazovia (LAG-FM)

Local Action Group – Friendly Mazovia (LAG-FM) is a three-sector association established in 2008 after the transformation of Mazovian Association of Agricultural Advisors aimed at supporting the development of Płońsk district in the following municipalities: Naruszewo, Baboszewo, Czerwińsk nad Wisłą, Dzierzążnia, Joniec, Nowe Miasto, Płońsk, Sochocin, Raciąż, Miasto Raciąż and Załuski. The LAG-FM support is provided to residents of the above municipalities, in particular to entrepreneurs, creators, representatives of local organizations and institutions and local leaders. LAG-FM has established and now implements the LDS (Local Development Strategy) for years 2014-2020, included in the subactivity 19.2 “Support for the implementation of operations within the framework of the local development led by the community.” Our main objectives are: economic development of the LAG-FM area based on entrepreneurship, development of the “weekend offer” for tourists and residents, based on natural and cultural resources as well as stimulation of activity and social responsibility of the residents. The overall area is 1368.19 ha, with 66 thousand residents. It is mainly agricultural with micro and small businesses. The specificity of the area comprises the following elements: short distance to Warsaw, availability of strawberries, raspberries, apples and other soft fruits, herbs (mint, common balm, chamomile), buttons of Sochocin made of river shells, relations with the Jewish history.

At the LAG-FM area you can meet historical farm bands that highlight the agricultural character of the region. There are two nature reserves, “Noskowo” and “Dziektarzewo”, separated because of the unique fauna and flora, monumental tree specimens, eg. 200-Year-old ashes. Among the protected birds you can see the hen harrier, willow warbler, European green woodpecker and the very rare black stork. Among the wildlife you can meet the Eurasian nuthatch, the only bird in Poland that can walk on the tree upside down. The protected natural landscape Pólka-Raciąż is distinguished by the rich avifauna with 100 bird species, including 91 breeding species. There are numerous species of mammals, reptiles and amphibians. Nature reserves, clean air and a variety of plants, attractive landscapes at the rivers make our region the green lungs in the heart of Mazovia. Local manufacturers from our region go back to old products. Among the local products you can distinguish: “The lard of Skołatowo – the hunter’s delicacy” entered onto the list of traditional products in 2010 or “Heir’s ham of Skołatowo”, marinated and smoked in accordance with the old formula as well as local cheese, ice cream, cucumbers and sauerkraut, honey, tinctures awarded in regional or national competitions. The attention was also paid to good conditions for the development of tourism, especially the weekend tourism, and attractive areas at Wkra and Vistula rivers.

Social Self-Help Association – Local Action Group

Social Self-Help Association – Local Action Group was established in 2009. The LGD area lies within the northern Mazovia and administratively comprises of 12 municipalities of Mazovian voivodeship, i.e.: Bieżuń, Glinojeck, Kuczbork, Lipowiec Kościelny, Lubowidz, Lutocin, Radzanów, Siemiątkowo, Strzegowo, Szreńsk, Wiśniewo, Żuromin and one municipality of Warmia and Mazury voivoideship: Lidzbark. Additionally, other subjects and partners participate in the action, i.a. the NGOs, entrepreneurs and residents acting for the rural development.
The valid document of that region is the Community-led Strategy of Development for the years 2014-2020. The task of the LGD is to meet the requirements of the Strategy and achievement of the objectives defined in three general goals.

• Use of the potential of cultural heritage and of the environment for the development of the area and improve living conditions
• Activation of the residents and strengthening the social capital
• Increase of the region competitiveness through the development of economic activities.

The Mancomunidad de Desarrollo Condado de Huelva

The Mancomunidad de Desarrollo Condado de Huelva is an association of municipalities that was born in 1991 with the objective of promoting the local development of the Huelva County area and has powers to manage all types of economic aid, in collaboration with provincial, autonomous, national and international organizations.
The territorial scope of the Mancomunidad de Desarrollo Condado de Huelva is located to the southwest of Andalusia, occupying a surface area of around 2,400 km², with an approximate population of 107,000 inhabitants (almost 20% of the total for the province of Huelva).
It is a land through which Tartessians, Romans, Visigoths and Muslims have passed, a cultural fusion that has provided an extremely rich heritage, both material as well as immaterial, with a set of values related to local traditions, festivals, customs, craftmanship or gastronomy that has bestowed each town that forms part of it, with their own idiosyncrasy.

This lands also stands out for two historic facts of great importance; the County of Niebla and the Discovery of America. From a natural point of view, the County of Huelva is blessed with immense richness and diversity, with spaces such as Doñana Natural Park, its beaches or the Tinto river.
With respect to cultural and ethnographic heritage, there are elements such as the County’s wine and its associated culture, the pilgrimages or its churches, monasteries and historic town centres, these also being a very important segment of literary tourism.
All these historical and cultural values, make tourism a key sector in the economy of this space and to its revitalization the Mancomunidad has dedicated a good part of its effort. Likewise, other economic activities, such as agriculture linked to irrigated crops (strawberries and other red fruits) and the agri-food industry, dedicated to the production of oil and wine, are the object of this organism’s work.
In the same way, the entity has worked in the social, urban, sports, cultural fields or other fields related of employment training and orientation.

Managing authority of the Rural Development Program for 2014-2020 - Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development
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