Christmas and Other Decorations of Ms. Monika Wasiak

This is what Ms. Monika Wasiak, resident of Raciąż and the creator of unusual Christmas decorations, has to say about her work:
“I remember when my grandfather would weave wicker baskets and make brooms from common broom and birch. He would create things needed at home. My Mom taught me how to crochet, knit and embroider. My interest expanded with the use of remnants such as rope for a reaper-binder. I also use rolled up, old newspapers instead of wicker to weave baskets. My first pieces were created when I helped my kids prepare for school. I liked that kind of a challenge and started to make things on my own, combining different materials and techniques. I create things from recycled materials, which I turn into original and unique pieces for many occasions. My most creative ideas come before Christmas and Easter”.

Ms. Monika Wasiak is a member of the Regional Association of the Creators of Culture and National Heritage, which is based in Raciąż. She exhibited her work at the National Ethnography Museum in Warsaw and the Mazovian Village Museum in Sierpc. Periodically, she also presents her pieces at fairs such as the ones in Ciechanów, Płońsk and Raciąż.
Making of the following pieces:

• Easter Palm
Materials: polyester fabric, a stick, a Styrofoam egg, ribbons. The egg is affixed to the stick and then adorned with leaves, buds and flowers cut from the fabric. The entire piece is decorated with ribbons.
• Easter table decoration
The foundation for this piece is a balloon wrapped in wrapping string in order to create an egg, which is then placed on a stand built from old newspapers. Inside the egg there is a handmade rabbit, a rooster, chickens and birds crafted from recycled materials.

• Basket made of paper wicker
Old newspapers are used to form small tubes, which are subsequently woven the traditional way to create a basket.

Artist: Monika Wasiak
Location: Raciąż
Contact: ph. 784 052 456

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