Artistic and Utility Items Created by Marek Kozłowski Using Pyrography

The term “pyrography” comes from Greek and literally means “writing with fire”. On a daily basis, it is employed to describe a decorating technique where fire is applied to burn marks on wood or other materials.
Pyrography may be regarded as a form of art or craft, depending on the type of objects that are produced, their intricacy and artistic value. Both of these modes are practiced by Mr. Marek Kozłowski from Czarnoty in the municipality of Nowe Miasto. His interest in pyrography started in childhood, when his parents gifted him with a pyrograph. His initial hobby later became a profession, but the joy of creating unique pieces remained.
According to Mr. Kozłowski, the technique is not difficult in itself, but pyrography requires patience and precision. It greatly resembles drawing where a pyrograph, which is a chisel warmed by electricity, acts like a pencil or a crayon. The pyrograph looks like a modified soldering iron, except that, in this tool, one can adjust the temperature of its tip. However, unlike with pencil drawing, one wrong line burned with a pyrograph cannot be corrected and that is why patience and the ability to concentrate are crucial. Moreover, attention is important because the temperature of the tip can reach 750 degrees Celsius and one can get burned easily. Nothing can be done haphazardly.


Mr. Kozłowski enjoys most portrait creation and many of his images depict well known people such as athletes and actors. He also produces logotypes, announcements, signboards, stamps, pendants and fobs. Upon request, he is able to adorn wooden pieces such as wardrobes, frames, musical instruments, chests and decorative boxes. Every order is treated individually and adjusted to the client’s specifications. Before embarking on a new project, Mr. Kozłowski presents a visualization of the request to the client in an electronic format.

The artist believes that there is no assignment that cannot be completed in wood and the more difficult the challenge, the greater his satisfaction upon finishing the order.

He prefers to work with wood and likes to use birch plywood because the material has to be smooth with no knots. When creating portraits, he uses digital photographs with high resolution, since precise depiction of one’s physiognomy is crucial, as details mark differences between individual faces. It takes about 8 to 16 hours of work to produce a picture and this depends on the complexity of the task. After burning lines that create a portrait, the piece is covered with a clear, matte, lacquer coat.
The artifacts made by Mr. Kozłowski are becoming increasingly popular because these are original and attractive gifts.


His creations can be viewed on his website or his Facebook page. The participants of the Nowe Miasto Fair can also appreciate them there and buy on site.
Artist: Marek Kozłowski
Location: Czarnoty, Nowe Miasto municipality
Contact: ph. 508 462 425, email:

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