The Family Fest in Krysk

The Family Fest in Krysk is an affair with a 10 year tradition. It is a permanent feature in the calendar of activities sponsored by the “Friendly Mazovia” Local Action Group. The fest has been growing in importance beyond the Naruszewo municipality and every family member can find something interesting at this event.
Those more active participate in the “Artificial Cow Municipal Contest of Milking” as well as the “Municipality of Naruszewo Rodeo Championship” that involves riding an artificial bull to win attractive prizes. These shows are relatively new, as they were only observed for the second time in 2019.

There are also many attractions for kids. Some take part in zorbing on the water, while little gourmands enjoy a chocolate fountain and chocolate covered, fruit shish kebabs. The list continues with air slides, a euro bungee, an air obstacle course, games such as bubble blowing or “handkerchief”, face painting and pony rides.

There are old domestic appliances to be seen by the less athletic attendees and much more to experience for people interested in tradition. The fest goers can visit a carpenter’s old workshop, see the ZK 140T reel-to-reel tape recorder produced by the Kasprzak Factory in Warsaw, taste traditional, peasant bread with lard, pickles and tomato and sample a piece of cake. Food is prepared by staff of the Local Government Office in Naruszewo.

The activities listed above take place in the afternoon. The evening hours are dedicated to live music performances, featuring popular ensembles and well attended by large crowds of youth and older fest goers.

Location: Krysk, Naruszewo municipality
Date: August
Organizers: Municipality of Naruszewo
Contact: Local Government Office of Municipality of Naruszewo
ph. 23 663 1051, email:

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