Bird Holidays at “Little Biebrza”

According to the owners of a family tourism farm “Sielanka Raciąż”, “Little Biebrza” is one of the most amazing places in terms of bird numbers and diversity in the Mazovian province. “Little Biebrza” forms part of the Nature and Landscape Complex of Pólka-Raciąż, where one can find swamps, marshes, streams, dunes and woodlands. It is an excellent place for bird and environment lovers. Notwithstanding the attractions of this wonder of nature, very few people know about it. Hence, the goal of the owners of the farm “Sielanka Raciąż” is to promote recreation at “Little Biebrza” and combine it with bird watching. This is possible because of their collaboration with the Polish Society for Bird Protection. Since 2015 Bird Holidays are organized in conjunction with the European Bird Days and Winter Bird Count.

The first Bird Holidays were held in the fall of 2015 with 5 people in attendance, but in January 2016 the number of participants already exceeded 15! The organizers have noticed a greater need for attendees to spend time in nature and to partake in educational activities, hence this yearly event is an excellent opportunity for active recreation and bonding among nature lovers.
In 2017, thanks to private funding, bird nesting boxes were first bought and set up by the attendees of Bird Holidays. The installation of these boxes was a great success, because most of them were used at least once for nesting by great tits, hoopoes, jackdaws and starlings. The organizers of every Bird Holiday stress that all participants are able to use bird watching equipment free of charge. The equipment was bought using funds from the “Friendly Mazovia” Local Action Group that in turn obtained the European Union and national monies from the Rural Development Programme.
Positive reviews regarding Bird Holidays at “Little Biebrza” have not only drawn the attention of residents from the municipality of Raciąż, but also towns such as Łódź, Toruń, Ciechanów, Warsaw and Przasnysz. Up to this point, over 100 people have participated in Bird Holidays. It is still a relatively small number, but the event is meant to be cozy since inception and underscores the fact that there are people who appreciate the beauty of nature.
The organizers see plenty of potential in this type of recreation. They stress the point that what is needed here is time, good organization, helping hands and last, but not least – money, as is true with many other events of this nature. They are eager to accept any type of cooperation in order to promote “Little Biebrza” and its inhabitants.

Location: Pólka-Raciąż, Raciąż municipality
Date: European Bird Days: September-October, Winter Bird Counting: January
Organizers: Agro Tourism Farm “Sielanka Raciąż”
Contact: Michał Adamczyk, ph. 509 691 181, email:

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