Municipal and Parish Harvest Festival in the Dzierzążnia Municipality

Harvest festival also known as festival of the crops is one of the oldest traditions that harks back to pagan times when fertility rituals were performed and nowadays are still supported by local communities. It is a folk celebration that includes rites of gratitude for successful harvest and field work. In the pre-Christian times it was a Slavic festivity observed on the autumnal equinox on the 23rd of September.

The inhabitants of the Dzierzążnia municipality belong to one of the communities within the area of the “Friendly Mazovia” Local Action Group that cultivate the harvest festival traditions. Every year they organize the municipal and parish fest on the premises of one of the parishes: St. Acathius in Skołatowo, St. Michael Gabriel in Kucice or St. Pancratius in Gumino.

Harvest festival guests are welcomed by straw mannequins, which is a relatively new tradition that has recently become popular. The entire ceremony is headed by the Harvest Festival Chairman and Chairwoman. Traditionally, the celebrations start with a holy mass said by the church rector or sometimes by an auxiliary Bishop of Płock. After mass, there is a blessing of  bread and harvest wreaths made by the parish members where these festivities take place. Subsequently, bread is shared symbolically and refreshments are served.

Artistic part begins after the official segment. Traditional folk rituals are presented, followed by performances by popular and well known entertainment ensembles.

The harvest festival is an event open to every family member, thus there are several activities geared towards the youngest generation. These include inflatable attractions, slides, a euro bungee and pony and horse rides. For the hungry ones, there is bread with lard, hunter stew and delicious baked goods prepared by women from the parish.

Location:       Gumino/Kucice/Skołatowo

Date:               August/September

Organizers:    Dzierzążnia Municipal Government and parish of Gumino/Kucice/Skołatowo

Contact:         Dzierzążnia Municipal Government

ph. 23 661 5902


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