Summer Solstice Night Kayaking on the Wkra River

River Wkra is the right tributary of the Narew river and it joins the later near the town of NowyDwór Mazowiecki, right before the Narew drains into the Vistula river.

It runs through the historical Mazovia area and its upper segment acts as this region’s boundary. The Wkra river is only 249 km long, but has three names: the upper part above Działdowo is called Nida, the second between Działdowo and Lubowidz is Działdówka, and the last and the longest is called Wkra.

The speed of Wkra waters is about 0.3 to 0.4 meters per second, which means that the river is a friendly water trail suitable for kayaking for the less experienced and for families with kids. Within the area of the “Friendly Mazovia” Local Action Group there are only a few obstacles on that water trail. Real time speed of a kayaking expedition is about 3 to 6 kilometres per hour. The river meanders between idyllic meadows and fields, and sandy beaches and crystal clear water invite you to take a break to rest or swim. Hence, kayaking on the Wkra in the summertime is becoming increasingly popular.

Among many kayaking expeditions on the Wkra one is particularly interesting. It is the night water outing organized on the weekend closest to St. John’s night (June 24th), which marks the summer solstice. KAJA from the village of Sobieski and “Mrzonka” from Joniec are the outfits that organize such an expedition. Both come from the Joniec municipality. For safety reasons, only 30 kayaks are allowed. The river segment that is covered, is 7 kilometres long and runs between Sobieski and Joniec.

The expedition starts around 9 pm and lasts about 2 hours. The participants are outfitted with torches and the kayaks lit by flames plus the light reflections on the  water create a unique ambiance.

The adventure is not over upon arrival at the Joniec harbour. The participants are treated to a bonfire with music which lasts for a while, so these moments become unforgettable.

Location: Sobieski-Joniec, Joniec municipality

Time: weekend close to June 24

Organizers: KAJA Sobieski, “Mrzonka” Joniec

Contact: Jarosław Oporski, ph. 505 501 767;

Jacek Majewski, ph. 696 436 799;


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