Brass Instruments Music in Sochocin

Music reverberates at the municipality of Sochocin thanks to the Sochocin Brass Orchestra that has performed there since May of 1997. The ensemble was created upon the initiative of the Sochocin municipal government who equipped the orchestra with instruments and opened space of the Municipal Culture Center for rehearsals. The municipality also employs the bandleader and the music instructor for brass instruments.
At present, both slots are occupied by Mr. Andrzej Świercz and, in addition, Mr. Jaroslaw Piotrowski is responsible for musical education of the orchestra members. In the past other individuals collaborated with the orchestra and these included Roman Lidke, Włodzimierz Adamski, Wojciech Copija, Witold Nowakowski and Rafał Szymański.

The orchestra’s repertoire is large and varied. It covers not just marches and patriotic pieces that are typical for brass instruments, but also folk and popular music. This wide offer means that the ensemble is able to participate equally in patriotic celebrations, church holidays and local events. It performs not only in the Sochocin municipality, but also in the Płońsk county, other places of the Mazovian province and occasionally beyond its boundaries. The orchestra’s performances are known to the wider public thanks to its participation in the festivals of brass instruments and orchestras of the Voluntary Firefighters Brigades. These include XVI Regional Festival of Orchestras of the Voluntary Firefighters Brigades in Kutno (2000), II Mazovian Province Festival of Orchestras of the Voluntary Firefighters Brigades in Radom (2004), X Jubilee Mazovian Province Festival of Brass Instruments in Warsaw (2006), IV Festival of Brass Orchestras of the Volunteer Fire Brigades of the Mazovian Province in Ostrołęka (2008) and the Festival of Brass Orchestra in Ciechanów (2013).
In 2012 the Brass Orchestra of Sochocin celebrated its 15th anniversary. On that occasion it recorded a CD entitled “15 Years of the Sochocin Brass Orchestra” that included popular music and a CD with Christmas carols “ In a Festive Mood”. The funds for the recordings were secured through the “Friendly Mazovia” Local Action Group, which in turn was underwritten by the “European Agricultural Fund to Support Rural Areas: : Europe Investing in the Rural Communities”.
At present the orchestra has 30 musicians and 15 individuals studying how to play brass instruments.

Artists: Brass Instruments Orchestra in Sochocin
Location: Sochocin
Contact: Brass Instruments Orchestra, Sochocin, Municipal Center of Culture in Sochocin
ph. 23 661 87 17,

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