Sculpture by Ryszard Ignacy Piotrowski

Sculptor Ryszard Ignacy Piotrowski was born in Warsaw. He studied at The Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw at the Sculpture Department, which he finished in 1976 with distinction. He was also a recipient of an award given to the best students of art schools by the Minister of Culture and Art. Until 1981 he was an assistant professor at the Sculpture Studio of professor Chmielewski at the same Academy. At that time he worked on the Land-Art spatial design with professors Piński and Zabłocki. He participated in the Biennale Internationale Dantesca in Ravenna, Italy and took part in several individual and group exhibitions. Since 1981 he has created chamber sculpture, small forms, jewellery and drawings. He works mainly in marble, bronze, silver, ceramics and wood. The subject of his art are nude figures, in the classical sense of the word. He is fascinated by the human body and movement. Mr. Piotrowski also creates monumental and portrait sculptures. He lives and works in Warsaw and Czerwińsk and his main workshop is located in the latter.

Mr. Ryszard Ignacy Piotrowski is in an ongoing collaboration with galleries in Warsaw, Cracow, Paris, Eindhoven, Arnhem and Berlin. He exhibited his works in many places such as Sydney in Australia, Volgre and Orleans in France, Stockholm in Sweden, Taranto in Italy, and in 2015 and 2016 at the famous Fringe Festival in Edinburgh in Scotland, the largest art festival in the world.
On his internet site he writes:
“My roadmap and a source of inspiration are fragility and sensuality. I don’t blindly follow the wildly popular minimalism, cold abstraction and emotional aloofness. The ever present manic need for over intellectualizing art in our circles is totally foreign to me. I do not like to write essays and instructions on how to decipher the meaning of my work. For that reason I am not a fan of any type of conceptual trends, since I perceive them as an unnecessary avalanche of words that obscure the real beauty. What else don’t I like? I don’t like the emanation of ugliness, cruelty and obscenity. What is art for me? It is harmony and quietness. It is classical beauty…”

Artist: Ryszard Ignacy Piotrowski
Location: Czerwinsk by the Vistula river
Contact: ph. 609 808 653, email:


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