Paintings by Stanisław Prokopczyk

The painter Stanisław Prokopczyk was born in 1940 in Nowogródek. He was baptized, most likely, at the same church of the Sisters of Nazareth, where over 140 years ago Adam Mickiewicz was baptized. After the Second World War, the Prokopczyk family moved to Sochocin, where Stanisław was raised until his high school years. Now he lives in Warsaw, but keeps contacts with people in Sochocin.
Mr. Stanisław is a French teacher by trade and he got his post graduate diploma at the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts. His works were exhibited in France and California and also at many national expositions. In addition, he likes to present his paintings in smaller towns, particularly those that are related to his childhood and youth, such as Sochocin. His favorite technique is watercolors.

Sochocin and surroundings have always been and will be a source of his artistic inspirations. One can jokingly say that what Canaletto was to Warsaw, Stanisław Prokopczyk is for Sochocin.

Mr. Stanisław loves choral singing and in the past he was a member of choirs performing early music such as an ensemble “Ars Antiqua”. He also sings many solo pieces.

Artist: Stanisław Prokopczyk
Location: Sochocin
Contact: ph. 883 386 902

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