Paintings, Sculpture and Metalworks by Wawrzyniec Zieliński

“I relax doing that,” comments his artistic endeavours Mr. Wawrzyniec Zieliński from Cieszkowo Stare in the Baboszewo municipality. His creations are found in many countries around the world: the United States, South Africa, England, France, Luxembourg and Germany. He is a machinist by education and a hunter and artist by predilection. These last two are intertwined – hunting motifs are present in the work of Mr. Zieliński.

As a 4 year old child he was inspired by a sculpture done by an artist from a nearby Zawidz in the county of Sierpc, depicting the Holy Mother of God of Skępe. “Till this day it can be admired at the open air Village Museum in Sierpc,” says Mr. Zieliński. His father polished Wawrzyniec’s boy scout’s knife, which became his first sculpting tool. He started carving animals, folk people, knights, genre scenes, etc. and he has been doing it ever since.

At the same time, he started painting. “ I did not have any materials and used what I could find: watercolors, poster colors” – he recalls. “Today I paint using good oil based paint, sometimes acrylic or watercolors. The possibilities are endless, if only I had the time” – he adds. Mr. Zieliński makes frames on his own, since this is not a difficult task for a sculptor. He also paints on glass.

Mr. Wawrzyniec Zieliński also creates metalworks. He got interested in that kind of art in the mid 70s of the XXth century, although no good tools were available back then. The subject of his works varies a lot: he depicts people, historic events such as the Warsaw Uprising, wild animals, etc. and he also makes busts.

Mr. Zieliński likes working with youth and kids and he conducted sculpting and painting workshops at schools. The kids enjoyed them and he also derived great satisfaction from these activities. He regrets, however, that there are too few such opportunities.
Mr. Zieliński prefers not to sell his art, but rather to give it away to friends and acquaintances.

Artist: Wawrzyniec Zieliński
Location: Cieszkowo Stare, Baboszewo municipality
Contact: ph. 798 334 504

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