Hunter’s Delicacy – Pork Fat from Skołatowo
For many years Mr. Artur Zarzycki together with his father has been preparing tasty cold cuts, especially pork fat highly appreciated by guests and colleague hunters. Oftentimes, particularly in the summer, there are gatherings with family and friends where pork […]
Góral’s Cheeses by Wkra River
Few people are aware of the fact that the cheese making tradition in the area covered by contemporary Poland is 7500 years old. The Mazovian region also has a rich and long history of cheese manufacturing. Milk producers in the […]
Rennet Sheep Farmer’s Cheese
The Śródborze Cheese Manufacturing is a small, family owned cheese-making facility in the municipality of Baboszewo. Small batches of rennet cow and sheep cheeses are produced there. The offer includes fresh cheeses such as fetka, fetka in oil, halloumi, farmer’s […]
Brass Instruments Music in Sochocin
Music reverberates at the municipality of Sochocin thanks to the Sochocin Brass Orchestra that has performed there since May of 1997. The ensemble was created upon the initiative of the Sochocin municipal government who equipped the orchestra with instruments and […]
Sculpture by Ryszard Ignacy Piotrowski
Sculptor Ryszard Ignacy Piotrowski was born in Warsaw. He studied at The Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw at the Sculpture Department, which he finished in 1976 with distinction. He was also a recipient of an award given to the […]
Paintings by Stanisław Prokopczyk
The painter Stanisław Prokopczyk was born in 1940 in Nowogródek. He was baptized, most likely, at the same church of the Sisters of Nazareth, where over 140 years ago Adam Mickiewicz was baptized. After the Second World War, the Prokopczyk […]
Paintings, Sculpture and Metalworks by Wawrzyniec Zieliński
“I relax doing that,” comments his artistic endeavours Mr. Wawrzyniec Zieliński from Cieszkowo Stare in the Baboszewo municipality. His creations are found in many countries around the world: the United States, South Africa, England, France, Luxembourg and Germany. He is […]
Artisan and Traditional Blacksmithing by Zbigniew Szostak
Mr. Zbigniew Szostak who lives in Szerominek is another of two virtuosos of a hammer, an anvil and bellows in the Płońsk municipality. One can say that he has “golden hands”. He is a farmer, a blacksmith, a mechanic, an […]

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