Hunter’s Delicacy – Pork Fat from Skołatowo

For many years Mr. Artur Zarzycki together with his father has been preparing tasty cold cuts, especially pork fat highly appreciated by guests and colleague hunters. Oftentimes, particularly in the summer, there are gatherings with family and friends where pork fat is always served.

“Hunter’s delicacy – pork fat from Skołatowo” has been prepared for generations following traditional methods. Skołatowo is a family property handed down from one generation to the next, where family traditions are cultivated. During reunions at Skołatowo guests would feast on many homemade delicacies including cold cuts and smoked pork fat. Hunters would take pork fat on their expeditions, because this well prepared treat would never lose its flavor.

“Hunter’s delicacy – pork fat from Skołatowo ” is the only item in the area covered by the “Friendly Mazovia” Local Action Group that in 2010 was put on the list of traditional products compiled by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development. It also won the 3rd prize in the contest “Our Culinary Heritage ” on the province level in Radom in 2009.

Manufacturing Method

Pork fat from Skołatowo has a particular taste – slightly salty with a pronounced herbal hint. Consumer’s attention is drawn to the intense aroma of this smoked, herb enhanced foodstuff, as well as the color that ranges from golden to dark brown. When sliced, the color of the pork fat ranges from white to marble to slightly creamy and the product does not contain any artificial additives or preservatives. It has been made in the traditional way for generations, taking into account old production techniques, skills and tools. The only preservation method that is used is conventional smoking in a smoke house with alder wood. The main item is pork fat with skin that comes from pigs raised in an old-fashioned manner. Other ingredients are salt water (rock salt plus water) and species such as sweet paprika, chili pepper, garlic, ginger, cinamon, nutmeg and sugar.

Maker: Artur Zarzycki
Location: Skołatowo, Dzierzążnia municipality
Contact: ph. 662 652 694

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