Ms. Barbara Bukowiecka creates her art in a cosy, well-appointed interior of her house in Joniec by the Wkra river. Born in Warsaw, she moved to Joniec 25 years ago, following her heart. “Today it’s a different place. During the summer season, the number of guests and the behaviour of some visitors who stay at summer houses, sometimes make this place impossible to bear”, Ms. Bukowiecka seconds her husband who was born in Joniec.

When asked about how long she has been making art, she says “I have been weaving forever”. She graduated from the elite Helena Modrzejewska Technical High School of Artistic Weaving in Zakopane. Every year the school graduated only 5 to 6 students and the educational process was rather meticulous. It included all stages of artistic fabric production, starting with wool spinning and dying. “Thanks to this training, I received a solid and creative know-how”, she says. Later, Ms. Bukowiecka worked for many years in the famous Cooperative of Arts and Crafts “Ład”, which was known for its high quality furniture, weaving and artistic handicraft.

“Back then, one could support oneself, because the entire  production was exported  and the rate of exchange for the Polish złoty was rocket high. Since 1989 it is impossible. I feel like a dinosaur. Who makes tapestry today?” she humorously summarizes her current professional situation.

According to the information given by Ms. Bukowiecka, it takes three months to weave one square meter of tapestry. This kind of work requires not only great patience and precision, but also tremendous sensitivity to form and colour, since a piece of weaving typically has between 100 to 150 shades. It is no wonder that the market for these products is narrow because the number of people who appreciate this kind of art and have the purchasing power is rather small.

The themes depicted in her tapestries frequently reflect her clients’ orders. Often, these are reproductions of famous paintings by the great impressionists or traditional Japanese paintings, but she also weaves Polish rural landscapes of Wiktor Zin. Sometimes, Ms. Bukowiecka weaves her own projects and also engages in completely different art. Using the batik technique, in her free time she decorates goose and ostrich eggs, the latter being particularly impressive.

Ms. Bukowiecka does not seek recognition. It is difficult to find her work in, popular nowadays, social media or at local events. Instead, she is easily located by dog lovers, who once in a while need someone to look after their pets. The house of Ms. Bukowiecka is a shelter not only for her own stray dogs and cats, but also a friendly dog hotel gracefully called “Me, You and the Two (dogs)”.

Maker: Barbara Bukowiecka

Location: Joniec

Contact: ph. 607 534 635


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