Bee Products from the Apiary of Mr. and Ms. Aksamitowski

Mr. Dariusz and Joanna Aksamitowski from Nowa Dzierzążnia in the Dzierzążnia municipality have been involved in beekeeping for over 28 years. The family apiary counts with over one hundred bee colonies. Some of them are located on the family farm in the nearby Chrościn and some are taken to “bee pastures” in the close by Ilinek. Hence, one can say that all bee products from the Aksamitowski apiary are one hundred percent local.

Honey comes from flower nectar or sweet plant secretions processed by bees. Bees collect it in combs where honey matures. Depending on the location of the “pasture”, i.e. plants associated with it, there several types of honey: nectar (flower), honeydew and mixed in varying proportions. Honey may have a consistency of thick liquid or comes solid and its colour varies from light yellow to dark brown. Liquid honey is called “patoka” and the solid one is “krupiec”.

Honey has several medicinal properties. It speeds  healing of open wounds, alleviates stomach ulcers, prevents diarrhea, lowers blood pressure and slows down arteriosclerosis, heals liver and gallbladder problems, helps to fight colds and sore throat, calms the nervous system, helps with sleep problems and, because of the glucose content, stimulates brain functions.

The apiary of Mr. and Ms. Aksamitowski produces the following honey: canola, multiflower, phacelia, linden, acacia, buckwheat and the one containing bee pollen and propolis. A special product of this apiary is canola honey that has a cream, butter-like consistency and can be easily spread on bread, as well as honey with cocoa that looks like nutella and is made with kids in mind.

According to Mr. and Ms. Aksamitowski their apiary is different because it offers other products, besides honey. These include propolis, or so called “bee glue”, flower pollen and cappings which are good for treating sinuses, throat and gums. However, the crown jewel is bee pollen considered to be the most valuable product of the apiary. It is a mixture of flower pollen, bee secretions and enzymes and honey. It contains many vitamins and microelements. The protein from bee pollen is well absorbed by the body, speeds post-cancer regeneration processes, supports the nervous system, elevates blood red cell count, boots iron levels and helps with stomach and prostate ailments. Bee pollen is gathered by very few beekeepers, because it is a time consuming process. Mr. and Ms. Aksamitowski offer it in pure form or diluted in honey.


These apiary products can be purchased on site or at local events: in June at thePoświętne Fair, at the Raciąż Fair in August, as well as at the Christmas Fair in Sochocin.

Maker:     Apiary of J. &  D. Aksamitowski

Location: Nowa Dzierzążnia, Dzierzążnia municipality

Contact:ph. 668 434 998

https://www.facebook.com/Pasieka.J.D Aksamitowscy/





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