Mr. Zbigniew Szostak who lives in Szerominek is another of two virtuosos of a hammer, an anvil and bellows in the Płońsk municipality. One can say that he has “golden hands”. He is a farmer, a blacksmith, a mechanic, an iron-worker and a constructor all together. He has practiced blacksmithing since 1992 and nowadays is a well respected and valued professional in Poland. He creates all types of candelabra, stylish chandeliers, railings, decorative chains, crosses and architectural details for historic buildings. He is also an accomplished constructor. In his smithy he even assembled three tractors and a trailer that passed field exams perfectly.

Mr. Szostak is an active member of the Association of Polish Blacksmiths. At one point he was nominated by the Association to represent the interests of Polish blacksmiths at the New York Fair of Gift and Interior Design organized by the Economic and Commercial Services sector of the Polish Embassy. As an artist, he is also a member of the Association of Inventors and Artists of the Płońsk Region “Art Płona”.


Artist: Zbigniew Szostak
Location: Szerominek, Płońsk municipality
Contact: ph. 23 662 7401

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